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Fabric Pests - Carpet Beetles Cloth Moths

Mike's Pest Control Library

Carpet Beetles

Adult carpet beetles are small and oval, have knobbed antennae, and scales or hairs present on their body. The colors of the scales or hairs produces color patterns that varies from species to species. Varied Carpet  BeetleThe larvae have a tapering wedge-shaped body covered with hairs. Larvae of most species have a tuft of hairs at the end of the body.

It is thought that carpet beetles evolved to feed on animal hair, fur, hide,and in the balance of nature, help decompose dead animals. Adults feed on pollen and are frequently found on flowers, again suggesting that members of this group are not well suited to living indoors. Some members of this group can also feed on stored products like cereals, nuts, dried meats and cheese.

Clothes Moths

Webbing Clothes Moth

Webbing Clothes MothThere are several species of moths that may damage fabrics. The clothes moths most likely to be a problem are the webbing clothes moth and the casemaking cloths moth.

The webbing clothes moth larva spins silk webbing on the fabric and feeds under the webbing. After going through several molts, it pupates and becomes an adult moth. The adult moth is about 1/2" long and creamy white with a golden tuft of hairs on its head.

Casemaking Cloth Moth

Casemaking Cloth MothThe casemaking clothes moth larva lives inside a tubular case that it constructs out of silk and fibers. The larva "drags" the case around with it as it feeds and will die if it is separated from its case, probably from desiccation. Again, a full-grown larva will pupate and turn into a small white moth.

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