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Bedbug Treatment

Mike's Pest Control uses a comprehensive treatment for the extermination and control of bedbugs.We offer the most effective and affordable treatment available. Our treatment is unique in that we kill the bedbugs and their eggs in one fast, easy treatment! The only other way to get this kind of results is with extremely costly heat treatments that can be thousands of dollars.

We use a combination of safe and proven products and methods, offering the most thorough treatment available. Most other companies use a variety of sprays that are effective on adult bedbugs but not on their eggs. These products need to be reapplied every few weeks as new eggs hatch, often over a period of months. During this time, you would still be getting bites until the infestation is completely eliminated. Plus, these treatments can be expensive as you continue to pay for repeat applications.

Our treatment is unique. The technician will thoroughly inspect and treat all areas of your home, including all beds and carpeting. We use only safe, non-toxic products that are rated for use in hospitals, shelters, daycares, and more. This creates a barrier to provide residual protection, should any eggs survive our initial treatment. These products will also provide protection against other pests as well, such as spiders and ants.

We then use our secret weapon against bedbugs: a fogging treatment with a product designed to INSTANTLY KILL bedbugs and their eggs! This product is all natural, organic, completely safe, and non-toxic. Not only does it kill bedbugs on contact, it is safe enough to be sprayed directly on human skin as a bug repellent. This product was created for the US Army to control bedbugs for the troops in the Middle East. By applying this product as a fog, it is able to get into all the cracks and crevices where bedbugs hide. It is a contact killer. It kills the bugs as they inhale it and works to dehydrate the eggs and larvae. Should any new hatches survive the treatment, they should be killed within 72 hours by the residual products.

A comprehensive bedbug treatment requires your cooperation.

Preparing for a Bedbug Treatment:

  • Remove all bedding and place sheets, blankets and pillow cases into the washing machine. Wash with hot water and detergent. Dry at highest temperature for approximately an hour.
  • Empty all closets and dressers. Place items in airtight plastic bags. Wash all cloth items, such as clothing, towels, etc. in hot water and detergent and dry hot.
  • When removing clean items from the dryer, place into a clean airtight bag. Keep all items sealed closed in bags until after the treatment has been completed by the technician.
  • If possible, remove cushion covers from couches and wash. Vacuum couches.
  • Pick up all loose items from the floor and vacuum carpets thoroughly.
  • Plan to leave your home during the treatment and remain out for at least one hour.
  • Cover your mattresses and box spring with an approved bedbug proof mattress or box spring¬†encasement.

If any bedbugs remain two weeks after treatment, please contact Mike's Pest Control, Inc. to schedule a follow-up treatment. Compliance with the above preparation instructions is required for treatment to be effective.

Please print and follow the instructions in the Bedbug Treatment Preparation.

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